La Redorte, the Minervois, the Corbières... a journey into the Aude hinterland.

From the Château de la Redorte, you can visit the village of Minerve and the Minervois wine region, then head for the Corbières mountain range, which extends from the gates of Carcassonne to the Leucate peninsula. A great outing combining the sea and the mountains, the vineyards, pine forests and heathland, where history and nature meet in Occitanie.

La Redorte, a small village in the Aude Minervois region on the Canal du Midi

Half way between Narbonne and Carcassonne, at the edge of the Corbières area, the Château de La Redorte holiday residence welcomes guests right at the heart of the Minervois region. Close by the Montagne Noire range, you can visit a beautiful village built around an 18th century château, a former wine port on the Canal du Midi. For several years now, river tourism has been a big feature of local life. This is also an excellent starting point for a visit to all the Minervois and Corbières regions, and the Mediterranean coast.

Minervois, between the Mediterranean and the Montagne Noire

Overlapping the Aude and Hérault departments, the Minervois region is a vast area that delights visitors with its natural beauty and authentic flavour, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Montagne Noire range, marking its south-eastern limit. Perched on a rocky spur overlooking the Cesse and Brian Gorges, in the middle of the causse (limestone plateau), Minerve is the historic capital of the Minervois region. It is ranked as one of the most Beautiful Villages in France. Here water has formed some surprising natural bridges. It is a wonderful experience to stroll along the "calades", the pretty medieval streets, and to see the terraced gardens. After visiting the town, take the time for a stroll in Villarzel-Cabardès with its Visigoth cemetery, then head for the village of Villeneuve-Minervois in the land of truffles, the famous "black diamond". Continue on towards the village of Caunes-Minervois, famous for its Romanesque abbey and marble quarries. On the way, don't miss Rieux-Minervois with its striking heptagonal church or the picturesque village of Pépieux, home to the Fades Dolmen, the biggest dolmen in the south of France. Near Siran, you can also see an original spot, to say the least, known as the "Curiosité de Lauriole! ". Here, there is a "road that goes up and goes down". If you put your car in neutral and release the hand brake, the car will go up the slope all on its own!

On the road to Corbières

As we make our way along the Corbières road, the climb begins. The capitelles (stone cabins), chapels and towers you can visit here are all rich in history. From your holiday accommodation near Lézignan-Corbières, you can visit the Corbières Museum in Sigean, as well as the legendary "Cathar Country Castles" and the underground caves of Terra Vinéa. These are disused gypsum mines that have been converted into wine cellars in the entrails of the Corbières mountains! Next, head for the ruins of Leucate Castle, which marks the old border between the kingdoms of France and Aragon, then on to Roquefort-des-Corbières, famous for its wine estates. You will also enjoy the variety of the Provençal landscapes along the Roman Via Domitia before arriving at Notre-Dame des Oubiels chapel, the landmark in the village of Portel-des-Corbières, perched above the River Berre, at the gates of Cathar Country. A few miles further on, you will come to the medieval town of La Palme, famous for its Saint Pancras chapel and its salt marshes, a source for the "white gold" of Corbières Maritimes. We then leave the Mediterranean coast for the Corbières mountains and pay a visit to Lagrasse, ranked as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France and famous for its Romanesque abbey (the biggest in Aude) and its little medieval streets with all their charm intact. An added bonus is the superb view over the Corbières mountains and the Roussillon plain!

La Redorte, the Minervois, the Corbières... a journey into the Aude hinterland.
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La Redorte dans l'Aude
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