Savoyard gastronomy

Savoie is a delicious and generous destination for food lovers... a little too generous, some might say. Here is a short selection of Savoyard specialities to warm yourself up in winter or bite into with relish in summer!

Raclette, fondue and tartiflette

These three Savoyard dishes are all made from melted cheese. They are also a big hit during mountain holidays. In Savoie, raclette is sacred! From Chambéry to the Tarentaise valley via the big ski resorts, it is impossible to get away from it. The other wintertime star is the cheese fondue. The recipe for happiness? Good cheese, good bread and a few friends around the dining table. Don't forget that anyone who drops their bread in the raclette has to pay a forfeit! The tartiflette is traditionally made from potatoes, bacon strips and onions. It is topped with crème fraîche and melted Reblochon cheese. Talking of cheese, everyone knows that Savoie is no shirker. Beaufort, Savoie Tomme, Abondance, Reblochon and mountain Comté have pride of place. It's impossible to talk about Savoyard gastronomy without tasting the local charcuterie. Starting with traditional cured Savoie ham, which is matured in the open air for at least nine months. There is also smoked bacon, coppa and a whole host of dried sausage and salted meat to delight the taste buds of all meat lovers.

Traditional dishes and grandmothers' recipes

To replenish your forces after a hike or a day's skiing, how about a farçon with gruyere cheese, potatoes, bacon and dried fruit? Unless you would prefer some Savoie Diots, smoked sausages cooked in white wine or grilled over a wood fire. Served with a crozet gratin (small local pasta made with buckwheat and plain flour), this is a dish that keeps its promises, warming both the heart and the body! And let's not forget the other typical Savoyard dishes, such as small fried fish, bacon and Beaufort soup or a matafan, a family recipe that comes in both sweet and savoury versions. For a pre-dinner or after-dinner drink or just to try out some new tastes, in Savoie you can taste all kinds of plant-based liqueurs, such as Génépi, Vulnéraire des Alpes, Armoise or Thé des Alpes. You can also try some Edelweiss liqueur and distilled, macerated or marinated fruit liqueurs, but don't overdo it!

Desserts, cakes and pastries

We haven't forgotten fans of spongy desserts and crispy snacks. Make the most of your stay at our hotel residence Les Terrasses des Bottières to taste a real Gâteau de Savoie, as light and fluffy as a cloud, or a Saint-Genix praline brioche, which is rich in butter but low in sugar. We always make short work of "rissoles", a delicious kind of turnover filled with pears, apples or quinces. You can also take home a recipe for rioutes in your suitcase. These are traditional ring-shaped pastries flavoured with aniseed. In Savoie, people dip them into a glass of red wine before biting into them. So it's true, our beautiful Savoie is teeming with flavours, freshness... and calories. But there's no harm in giving yourself a treat from time to time!

Gastronomie savoyarde fondue au fromage de savoie
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