Tourism in Saint Colomban des Villards

A few ideas of sights to see nearby:

Mont Pourri

Despite its unflattering name ("Rotten Mountain"), Mont Pourri (3 779 m) is the second tallest peak in the Vanoise region. It includes a large glacier system, and the beautiful summit is well worth a detour.

Cup and ring marks

You can see cup and ring marks when you take the trail to Col du Merlet from St Alban des Villards. These markings are thought to date from the Neolithic period. They show that people were living and working at high altitude as long ago as 3,000 years B.C.

This type of prehistoric sculpture may be part of a form of worship of the mountains and glaciers, but is still a mystery of the Maurienne region today.

Belledonne range

The Belledonne mountain range is crowned by a line of crests, some of which reach a height of almost 3,000 metres: 2,928 m in the case of the Rocher Blanc, 2,890 m for Bec d'Arguille, 2,805 m for Pic du Frêne. The crests are generally about 2,500 m high, with sharp, abrupt summits covered in snow all through the winter and where you can still see a little névé here and there in summer.

St Colomban des Villards and St Alban des Villards are the starting points for hikes or excursions in the most beautiful Belledonne sites, with their rich and varied flora and fauna.

Col du Glandon

The Villards valley, with the Col du Glandon (1,924 m) above it, is an exceptional site for fans of cycle touring. Pay no attention to the average slope of 7.2 % on the road leading up to the Col du Glandon. After 3 km of flat road near the village of Saint Colomban, 3 km of 10 % climbs await you on the last few sections of the Col. The road has already featured 14 times in the Tour de France. It was built in 1898. The road rises between the Belledonne range to the west and the peaks of the Sybelles skiing area to the east. From Col du Glandon, enjoy an exceptional view of Mont Blanc!

Grand-Maison Dam

Grand-Maison is one of Europe's most recent dams. It is upstream from the Romanche valley, between the Belledonne and Grandes Rousses mountain ranges, in the Isère department.

Lac de Pramol

A little lake near the town of Montricher-Albanne, two kilometres away from the Les Karellis resort. It is not perched on top of an inaccessible peak, it is not hours away from any human habitation and it is not unknown to the general public. This is simply a peaceful, relaxing and easily accessible lake. Its waters reflect the imposing Croix des Têtes, the highest limestone cliff in France.

The Guiers Mort Gorges

A family-friendly, bucolic walk along the Guiers Mort Gorges with little bridges and walkways. It is also known as the "blue fish walk".

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