The museums of the Landes

Unpack your suitcases in the Landes region and enjoy a cultural stay with plenty to discover! The Landes department is filled with exciting museums highlighting the richness of the region's heritage. Here is our selection of unmissable museums to visit during your stay in our holiday residence in the Landes region.

The Borda Museum in Dax

Less than 25 minutes away from Les Hameaux de La Chalosse, your holiday residence, visit the Borda Museum in Dax in a former Carmelite chapel. Here you can see prehistoric portable art, Gallo-Roman artefacts, Roman measuring and navigation instruments, as well as an interesting collection of works by regional painters. But the centerpiece, not to be missed, is a bronze statuette of Mercury, the god of trade, miraculously found under the Dax market hall in 1982. During your trip to Dax, you can also visit the Georgette Dupouy Museum (a French 20th century painter) and the Air Force Light Aviation and Helicopter Museum.

The Chalosse Museum in Montfort-en-Chalosse

The Chalosse Museum is located on the Carcher estate in Montfort-en-Chalosse. It recounts life in Chalosse in the 19th century, the lifestyle, farming and winemaking activities Here you can visit a small period farm, a fine manor house and a shop selling regional products to give a treat to the taste buds (foie gras, preserves, honey, wine, Armagnac, etc.). A museum that's well worth a visit in more ways than one!

The Despiau-Wlérick Museum in Mont-de-Marsan

During your trip to Mont-de-Marsan, don't miss the Despiau-Wlérick Museum. This fine arts museum, with the "Museum of France" label, brings together a unique collection of French figurative sculptures from the first half of the 20th century. An original museum for all, whether or not you are a fan of sculpture. You would need a heart of stone to be unmoved by masterpieces like these.

The Samadet Faience Museum

Immerse yourself in the history of Samadet faience and tableware in the Tursan wine area, not far away from your holiday residence in the Landes region. Over 300 pieces of faience with rich and colourful decoration illustrate the production and skill of the Royal Manufacture of Samadet. You will learn that King Louis XIV preferred to eat... with his fingers, and that Emperor Napoleon III insisted on aluminium plates, leaving the golden dishes to the less prestigious guests!

Maison de la Dame de Brassempouy

The Brassempouy Prehistoric Site is a centre for prehistory in south-western France. It features a collection of objects and vestiges found in 1894, in the Pape Cave. The highlight of the visit is the famous statuette, the Brassempouy Venus or "Lady with the Hood", one of the oldest depictions of a human face. This is also your chance to learn some prehistoric skills during workshops, demonstrations of carving flint, kindling a fire and prehistoric hunting.

The Marquèze Ecomuseum in Sabres

The Marquèze Ecomuseum is in the Gascony Landes Regional Nature Park. It is a real airial (green space) that can only be accessed on a vintage train that is actually listed as a historic monument. Some 30 buildings (houses, wells, bread ovens, chicken coops, a bakery) bearing witness to life in the Landes region in the 19th century and bring the past to life with a wide range of activities for visitors, workshops, demonstrations, shows and exhibitions. Don't hesitate to visit with your family!

Biscarrosse Seaplane Museum

On the former Latécoère aircraft base in Biscarrosse, the Seaplane Museum recounts the history of the first transatlantic flights to New York and Fort-de-France and the exploits of Mermoz, Guillaumet, Saint-Exupéry... Beautiful planes, models, detailed dioramas and lots of little period objects. In short, a unique museum of its kind, created by fans of vintage planes. While you're in Biscarrosse, make sure you visit the Museum of Traditions, dedicated to the traditional Landes heritage.

Musées et patrimoine landais
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