The treasures of Landes gastronomy

The Landes department is famous for its rich and tasty gastronomy: foie gras, farmhouse duck, Chalosse beef, wine, Armagnac and much else besides. This year, spend your holiday in the Landes region and treat yourself to some great food!

Foie gras and duck specialities

Foie gras is a real institution in south-western France and especially in the Landes region. Here, ducks are raised in the open air for 102 days and fed on Landes maize! Make the most of your stay at our holiday residence in Landes to take a guided tour of a traditional goose and duck farm, and see all the steps involved in making foie gras, confit and rillettes, with a tasting at the end!

Another symbol of Landes gastronomy is farmhouse poultry (chicken, turkey and capon) with the Red Label award since 1965. The famous chicken from Saint-Sever immediately comes to mind. This small medieval town is now the gastronomy capital of south-west France! During your stay at our residence, Les Hameaux de la Chalosse, treat yourself to a traditional Landes salad (assiette landaise), featuring asparagus, foie gras, duck filet and pine nuts, or a traditional garbure, a stew made from vegetables, cured ham, pork rind and duck. And too bad if you put on a bit of weight!

Chalosse beef

Chalosse beef has been awarded the IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) and Red Label classifications. The cows are raised on the green pastures of southern Landes. The marbled meat is famous for its tenderness. And it's not surprising, since Chalosse cows are raised for over three years on a 100 % natural diet.

Adour kiwi

The Landes kiwi has been grown in the Adour valley for the past 40 years. It was awarded the Red Label in 1992 and given IGP status in 2009. Today, 400 farmers are growing kiwis, with an annual production of 15,000 tons. From kiwi tartlets to sorbets via kiwi verrines, you can enjoy our tasty kiwis in a wide range of recipes!

Landes Sables asparagus

With its striking white colour and fine, delicate taste, there's no doubt that this is a Landes asparagus! The Sables asparagus is grown in Landes on the sandy plains of Gascony. It is picked once it is just a few centimetres above the ground and packaged less than 4 hours after harvesting. This is THE springtime vegetable that food lovers adore. Served as a starter with a vinaigrette or a mayonnaise with fresh herbs, it's a real treat!

Fish and seafood

Landes gastronomy also features fish and seafood specialities. In Capbreton, you can enjoy sea bream, sole, red mullet, sea bass, monkfish, tuna and squid cooked on the griddle. In Hossegor, oysters from the lake are part of the gastronomic heritage. With their delicious salty sea taste and a hint of hazelnut flavour, it takes about 3 to 4 years before the oysters are ready for your plate. A breath of fresh air for your Landes holiday!

Landes wines

Tursan wines have enjoyed great success since the 12th century. This is continuing today with wines from Lit-et-Mixe to Capbreton and south of the River Adour. The Geaune winemakers' cooperative produces high-quality Tursan wines (with the AOC designation) and Chalosse wines (Coteaux de Chalosse with the IGP designation and IGP Landes). Don't miss out on a visit there during your stay in our holiday residence! And let's not forget Floc de Gascogne and Armagnac, the perfect partners for foie gras, cheese and pastry desserts and pies, as well as Landes pastis.

The treasures of Landes gastronomy
Gastronomie des Landes : Merlu au piment d'Espelette
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