Aligot, truffade, pounti... Discover the culinary specialities of Auvergne

Feeling hungry? Gastronomy in the Auvergne is rich and varied. Here's a round-up of the culinary specialities from the Auvergne that you really must try on your holiday in the Haute-Loire.


Would you like to try a typical Auvergne dish? Then Aligot is the dish for you! A traditional recipe of mashed potatoes mixed with fresh Cantal tome cheese, cream and garlic, it is usually served with sausage - enough to delight lovers of good taste!

The truffade

Often confused with aligot, truffade is the other signature dish of the Auvergne. In Auvergnat, "trufada" means "potatoes". This is a recipe in which potatoes are cut into thin slices and browned in white lard. Cantal tome cheese and garlic are then added.

Fresh tome brioche

Visit one of the region's bakeries to try the fresh tome brioche, another emblematic Auvergne speciality. As its name suggests, this brioche is made with fresh tome cheese and can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with dessert. If you choose a savoury version, you can add lardons.

Saint-Nectaire cheese

Do you know Saint-Nectaire cheese? (Re)discover this delicious cheese during your stay at Olydea Vorey-sur-Arzon. Plain, on a slice of bread, or cooked, it's one of the must-tries of the Auvergne table. Do you prefer hard cheeses? Try Cantal AOP, which goes perfectly with a glass of red wine to round off your meal.

The green Puy lentil

The green Puy lentil is a speciality lentil grown in the Puy-en-Velay basin, in the heart of the Haute-Loire region. Popular with top chefs, this dry vegetable has had an AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) since 1996. Green lentils can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, as a side dish or main course, as a starter, in soup, simmered or cold, or in a salad.


The emblem of Auvergne gastronomy, pounti is a kind of pâté made from pork, chopped chard and prunes, all wrapped in a delicious pastry made from wheat flour (or half wheat and half buckwheat) and eggs. A sweet and savoury local recipe that's sure to tantalise the taste buds!

Apple pompe

A sweet speciality from Auvergne, pompe aux pommes is a rectangular dessert made from puff pastry or shortcrust pastry, which looks very much like an apple turnover. This delicious pastry can be eaten warm or cold for dessert or as an afternoon snack, with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or a glass of sweet white Auvergne wine.

Aligot, truffade, pounti... Discover the culinary specialities of Auvergne
La gastronomie Auvergnat

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